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Number of Posts in Archive e.g. "January (14)"
  • Like this:

    2011 (24)
    Dezember (4)
    November (11)
    October (9)
    I use the Deckay 4.0 Style made by zeuder.
    Is there any way to accomplish that?

    Best Regards
  • Only tested with an old version of Flatpress:

    Try to edit the file "plugin.categories.php" in fp-plugins/categories and change this:

    line 24: $smarty->assign('categories_showcount', false);
    -> "false" to "true"
    line 24: $smarty->assign('categories_showcount', true);
  • Yes, that shows it in the categories widget, but LTB needs something similar adding to the archives plugin.
  • Thanks, I tried looking for something similar in the plugin.archies.php but I couldn't find anything... :) Anyone else? :D ;)
  • I hate to bump posts, but I think it would be a very nice addation :)
  • A gentle Bump :D
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