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Help figuring out theme structure
  • I installed FlatPress few days ago and im terribly satisfied, its about the only blog small and simple enough.
    Now, im looking for a theme,I checked almost all themes in res:themes and and while they all are nice i couldnt find but one with no fixed width, and i have issues with fixed widths.

    So i started to think about making my own when i realized that severe of the themes have an administration style actually pretty nice (appart from the width) so im checking what files could make the blog look like the admin section; so far, i've found a few files: admin.tpl, cpheader.tpl and admin.css but im not sure if i missing something (im guessing footer is shared?)

    So, my question: From a theme, which files make up the administration area's style?
    Thanks for your help :)

    (I went over the wiki's doc:thememinihowto article but it didnt clarify that)
  • admin.css usually imports common.css and globals.css from the main theme (usually from leggero)
  • Thenks for your reply.
    Just saw the @imports now T_T

    Thanks again and keep up such a good job you doing =D
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