January 2019: Forums still broken :(

Registration on the forums is still broken. There will be a new forum in February, please visit us again then. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For now, if you have questions about the current project status, if you want to know details about the upcoming FlatPress release 1.1, or if you have trouble running your FlatPress, please contact us.

And don't forget to check the project blog (or its RSS feed) for the latest news about the ongoing FlatPress revival!
Subversion (SVN)
  • Finally

    svn co https://flatpress.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/flatpress

    have fun with the BLEEDING EDGE FlatPress!
  • Live stats here: http://cia.vc/stats/project/flatpress
  • After checking out the lastest svn version(16. November 2007), something wonderful is happen. The Admin Panel will displayed now correctly on the two themes I have made.

    Thanks :)
  • it's my last commit :D
  • I've managed to setup a nice daily snapshot facility ^_^

    you can get daily snapshots (at 21.16 GMT) here: http://flatpress.sourceforge.net/snapshots/

    have fun!
  • Hi NoWhereMan,

    for a few hours I have translate two language files from the current subversion to german. Fine, the date seems to work, but only if I change manual in the settings.conf.php
    general array...
    lang = de-de

    The array for "locale" is ok after you change it in the Adminpanel. The "general" array will not changed. I don't know why...
  • thank you, fixed, do an svn up or wait for the tarball to re-sync

    PS: please file bug or support requests in new discussions, under the correct label and tag the title with [svn] :)
  • Is there a way to download the SVN without all the SNV sub-versioning files?
    I mean the small files that arent php or scripts,and are hidden by default.
  • those file are created by the svn client itself and are control files; under *NIX you can just

    find /path/tp/fp/ -name '.*' |xargs rm

    (I don't remember if find uses regex...)

    to delete all the dot files from the archive
  • I'm not sure if the tarball is still being updated; if so, in rev35 the password check has changed, please reinstall and overwrite your old user in order to be able to login

    have fun!
  • there were quite a few changes lately in SVN: please FLUSH your template CACHE!
  • Is there any reason why the live stats are not updated, because the SVN 155 and SVN 157 entries not listed?
  • maybe the live stats service was down at the moment of the commit
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