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  • is using flatpress for blog
  • The interface is orite, but the background image is too big, it will take a while for slow connections to load that big background image. I see that you removed the powered by Flatpress part from the footer (you can), but it is better to try and give something back to the developers. Another thing that is bothersome is that you have to scroll to the bottom to find other links, either you must make the number of posts on a page less or move the links to the sidebar.

    I see that your site focuses around design and css, so focus on less is more and make the website use very few resources, yet still have an impressive layout. Web designing is all about making a website user friendly and fast.

    PS. This is just my opinion and view.
  • Try to use CSS sprites (The Mystery Of CSS Sprites) for your social buttons and for other pictures.
  • Posted By: Centaur... Web designing is all about making a website user friendly and fast. ...

    I'm not agree with your opinion. More I think, that what you mean is Web Accessibilty, combined with Usability.

    If you create a wonderful layout, so you must work with graphics, not with 256 colors, with true colors over the complete site. And yes, not all people have a fast internet connection. So you must decide for your own, how do you create a layout.

    Take a look here:
    css Zen Garden | All designs

    or here:


    and here (german language)

    35 sites with paper elements

    They are all a litte bigger :D than the site of Jakob Nielsen

    Enjoy the web...
  • You can keep your own opinion. I just feel that your site's background it too overly bloated. You can make a nice website with a large background image, but then it must be professional or "zen". It all depends on how you make it. Also remember that the less colours in an image is, the smaller it becomes. Rather focus on trying to make a website that rely more on CSS than images, then you will have speed and you'll be future proof.
    Have a look at this article:
  • Hehe...

    I tried this site you mentioned, main code is 24kb and 150 inline elements have all together 1.8MB. Is that what you mean with "then you will have speed and you'll be future proof."

    Last year I made a study over 1.000 sites. Most sites have 200kb, industry sites have 500KB or more. Last, but not least, one of these have more than 15MB (full flash animated, but really sensational). But aside from those sites, a small and full accepted site like have only 70KB. So, you are right ;)
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