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How to change from HTTP to HTTPS?
  • Dear all. 

    I think is important for Flatpress. 

    How to change all URLs from HTTP to HTTPS in automatic without compromising the functioning of the site and its related content link?

    You have some idea o plug-in?

  • You just need to enable SSL on your server and your blog will work with https links automatically, but you will need to buy an SSL certificate otherwise some browsers will block your site for security reasons.

    I changed one of my sites to https myself - just by enabling it on the server but I just did it to test (not because I really wanted it) so I did not purchase a certificate... so I do not know if you will be able to access this in your browser, but it works for me in old Opera:

    This is the sort of message you might see in modern browsers (this is in Vivaldi) - some may not even let you proceed to the site if it does not have a valid SSL certificate:


  • Yes, I have the certificate. But when I install it the old HTTP links (which are so many) doesnt work. I should rename manually and the list is very long since the site exists since 2005.

    How can rename links?
  • Hi,

    this Forum entry should solve the issue with HTTPS.

  • Hi laborix.

    Maybe I don't understand...

    I have no problem installing the security certificate. My provider thinks about it automatically but only for the primary directory. The problem is that just after installing and transforming into HTTPS all the old internal links do not work because they remain HTTP.

    This is my "drama". 
  • Hi musicletter,

    I'm not sure what you mean or what your problem is. So, please, give this steps a try:

    2. Rename your defaults.php on the Webspace to defaults.old
    3. Transfer the new defaults.php to your Webspace.
    4. Switch your webspace to HTTPS and test.

    All entry links created by Flatpress in your blog are now working with HTTPS, but all links you have included manually must replaced by your working hand manually.
    If the new defaults.php is working for you, leave as it is. If not, switch back to HTTP and replace the defaults.php with your old one. Then you have another Problem, that's not related to Flatpress.

  • Hi laborix,

    I understand, then I will try to do it as soon possible, after check I'll write you.


    I have a different defaults comparing original. It's okay? 

    define('BLOG_ROOT', ('/'==($v=str_replace('\\', '/', dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])))? $v : $v.'/')); 

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