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What's the future of Flatpress?
  • Hey guys! I 've got a rather "sad" question to make...

    What's the future of Flatpress??

    I don't see any interest lately, no further development, a lot of themes and plugins are unreachable (broken links), no activity in the forum, what's going on?

    I'm just a user, I have no idea how to contribute to Flatpress (except from the recent complete translation into Greek), but I'm really sorry to watch it fade away... :(

    Is there any future or should we get prepared to move to another flat cms (an idea which i hate...)?
  • Well, I am not a programmer, I use this cms since almost 2008 for 2 of my websites.Well I believe that we should know something:
    1)How to export articles from FlatPress to another important cms like (Drupal,Wordpress and Joomla)

    2)How to importo articles from a cms like (Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla) to FlatPress

    3)Someone that can create or import more themes from Drupal,Wordpress and Joomla to FlatPress

    4)Implement the search also in Pages and not only on articles.

    I really believe that these things the users could be more high.

    This is a fantastic CMS, hoping to never change.

  • Sad, but Flatpress is a "broken dream".
  • I think it's probably true to say that FlatPress is a finished product, unlike PHP :(
  • I hope Flatpress will be maintained at least for many other years. I love this cms
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