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Wiki: Registration, Spam
  • Hi,

    as stated here, I was not able to add my Flatpress plugins to the Plugins wiki page. Now my wiki account seems gone completely, and trying to register a new one leads to the message "An email with a confirmation link has been sent to your email address.
    Either click on that link or paste it into your browser. You will then
    be registered and will receive your password"
    . But I never receive that confirmation link (also checked my spam folder). So as result, my more than two years old plugins are still not on the plugins page :/
    Is there a general issue registering as a new user on the wiki? Or is it just me?

    Also, while messing around with the registration, I noticed someone added spam links to the wiki:
    There might be more, I didn't search for other keywords.

    Hope this helps you keeping the wiki clean - and me finally posting my plugins ;)

    All the best,

  • Finally, the registration worked. I felt free to remove the spam links.
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