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UpToDate Method to Export Flatpressdata to Wordpress
  • I'm thinking about changing my Blog from Flatpress to Wordpress.

    I exported with the marcoverga script: http://wiki.flatpress.org/tools:db:wpexport

    But I get this error:
    INSERT INTO wp_terms (term_id, name, slug, term_group) VALUES ( 1, 'Allgemein', 'allgemein', 0);<br>#1146 - Table 'web5_kts.wp_terms' doesn't exist

    What can I do? Is there another Method / Exporter?
  • It says to import the SQL file to the table called "wordpress" but there is no such table. I testet it with the said Wordpress 2.8 version.

    Can anybody help?
  • Can anybody help? I would love to find a way to move my posts from Flatpress to Wordpress :)
  • Sorry I don't know....
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