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Notification email is not sent when comment is posted
  • I did not receive any Email notification for a while because of dreamhost policy update or changes in new version of flatpress, I don't know.
    Looking deeper in maildir on dreamhost I found out that the mail was sent using the sender email the same as receiver email, and dreamhost simply rejected it.

    It's because of this code in comments.php:

    $from_mail = $fp_config['general']['email'];
    @utils_mail($from_mail, "New comment on {$fp_config['general']['title']}", $mail);

    So I change it back to older version

    $from_mail = isset($fp_config['general']['admin_email']) ?
    $fp_config['general']['admin_email'] : // like or

    And add a field in general config panel which will save a record name 'admin_email'.

    Then I log into my admin panel of my blog, put the admin_email like: to comply with dreamhost mailer rules.

    And voila, it works now.

    Ps: I just want to share :)

    - Sent using iPad
  • Thank you
  • Can't make it work... :/

    Could you please upload the correct files, so I can just replace them on my server?

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Sorry for very late reply.

    I am not sure if my file will work for you since I heavily mod many core files of flatpress to the state that I cannot update to new version anymore.

    You should use winmerge to compare the difference of your original files and mod files. Easier to apply only what you need. Program like winmerge is very handy sometimes 
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