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flatpress for my blogging
  • collapse;width:479pt"> I want to set up a small blog for introducing my hand-made items on the web. Now, I'm confused about choosing the platform for starting. My candidates include WordPress, Drupal, flatpress, and b2evolution. Which one to choose? I know this is a flatpress forum so many of you may recommend me to use flatpress. If so, can you tell me why I can choose it? In fact, i have searched from a script resource site named as It tolds me that flatpress is worth trying, but I still need more information to convince me.
  • We are all different, I think you should test by yourself every CMS and then make your choice, those are all good CMS but everyone has his own characteristics, if you try you can find the one that fits your needs.
  • I have 2 website with Flatpress ( and I use this since 2008 and it is good and easy to use
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