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FlatRead: A minimalist and responsive FlatPress theme
  • FlatRead is a minimalist and simplistic theme for FlatPress. It is 100% responsive, as it will adapt to the visitor’s display size and will be rendered properly on any kind of device.

    You can download FlatRead on GitHub:

    I personally develop and maintain this theme. Feel free to contact me on my website (, or on the FlatPress Forum if you have comments, suggestions or need support.



    Hope you're going to like it! 

  • Hi Marc, I tried this theme in a clean flatpress installation and I can see it in Available themes but when I click on it I see "The theme you chose does not exist." and it does not activate.
    I am using FlatPress 1.0.2 with PHP Version 5.3.28.

    Solved: I renamed the folder and now it works
  • Very nice theme, thank you
  • Hi em517, 

    I haven't been able to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. Can you confirm that you extracted the theme in a folder named "flatread" with no capital letters? So that the theme is directly in /fp-interface/themes/flatread. 

    I'm surprised, especially since you're testing with a fresh install. I tested it on PHP 5.3 with success. 

    Panther, thank you for the feedback. 
  • Em517, I didn't notice the issue was solved. Glad it worked! :)
  • FlatRead is now 100% responsive! 
    The responsive design had a few shortcomings that are now fixed. Hope you like it. 

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