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Pictures in the search results
  • Hey Guys and Gals,
    is there a Plugin to add Pictures to the search results according to the shown result?

    I designed a small thumbnail for every entry with the individual entry number. I would like to show these individual thambnails according to every entry in the search results.
  • Hi, I don't think you can do it via plugin, there aren't hooks to do it.
    You should modify Flatpress files...
  • I found it, you have to mod the search_results.tpl in /fp-interface/sharedtpls

    <li><a href="{$id|link:post_link}">{$subject}</a></li>

    and add a dynamoic link before the {$subject}

    like dor example: <img src='{$id}.jpg'/>

    Of course you need an folder related_images containing every imiage fpr every entry with the id as name.
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