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Plugin: Google Maps Widget
  • This is my first plugin! It's nothing fancy, but I gotta start somewhere. Feel free to add it to the wiki if if you guys want.

    The Google Maps Widget Plugin allows you to include a Google Maps block in the side bar of your blog.

    First, download the following zip file and unzip it.

    Open plugin.googlemaps.php with your favorite text editor. To set the
    widget to show the location you want, go to one the following pages and
    follow the instructions in order to get the embed code.

    If you use the new Google Maps:

    If you use the old Google Maps:

    Select the custom size with a maximum width of 200px, otherwise it
    likely won’t fit in your sidebar. 200×400 does a pretty good job.

    If you want, you can change the widget’s name if you want a few lines below in plugin.googlemaps.php.

    Upload the folder googlemaps to the fp-plugins folder of your blog,
    activate the plugin then add the widget to your sidebar and you’re ready
    to go!


    Support for this plugin will take place in this thread.

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