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BBcode warning after restore blog
  • hello all master, i have the question, some time ago my hosting suspended, and I tried to move other hosting, but after I restore all my data, I found a problem like this, if i enable plugin player

    Warning: Parameter 5 to plugin_custombbcode_mp3() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/cipb3/fp-plugins/bbcode/inc/stringparser_bbcode.class.php on line 1919

    and than if i enable plugins speechbubble

    Warning: Parameter 5 to plugin_speechbubble_callback() expected to be a reference, value given in /home/cipb3/fp-plugins/bbcode/inc/stringparser_bbcode.class.php on line 1919

    why is this happening? pls help,, thanks
  • Hi, I've not so much time but I try to answer quicly to your question.
    Your new hoster has a newer version of PHP which complains about more errors.

    Please go to the files where this functions are defined (something like function plugin_custombbcode_mp3($a, $b, $c, $d, &$e....) { ...)
    They will have other names for sure, however to solve the problem remove the "&" that is before the fifth parameter.

    If you don't understand I'll answer better when I have more time.
    Sorry, hope that helps
  • Hi piero, i try to remove & on
    function plugin_speechbubble_callback($action, $attributes, $content, $params, &$node_object)..
    and work,, but not on player plugins, i try to remove & on
    function plugin_custombbcode_mp3($action, $attributes, $content, $params, &$node_object)..
    not working good, this [mp3]myurl[/mp3] can not be change into player, still text [mp3]myurl[/mp3]..
    i have problem again on categories.. im use categories expand,, and warning error this..

    Strict Standards: Only variables shoul id="catlist"d be passed by reference in /home/cipb3/fp-includes/smarty/plugins/function.list_categories.php on line 33

    i'm still waiting for youre answer :) thanks
  • I solved a problem like this in a rustic way, I put before indicated line this symbol @ and and the warning disappeared
  • @everapex51 what do you mean? can u explain in detail? thanks
  • everapex517 meant that you can put a "@" before &, so the error is suppressed.

    Please, could you send me a working link to the plugins? The ones on the wiki are broken...
  • oke piero.. this is a mp3 plugins here
    and speechbubble here
    categoryexpand on here
    thanks again piero
  • Mp3 plugin is working good to me (PHP Version 5.5.9-1, on my Debian desktop).
    Please check the modify I suggested is something like this:
    function plugin_custombbcode_mp3($action, $attributes, $content, $params, $node_object) {

    The problem of categories is not related to the categoryexpand plugin...
  • piero cool,, i try and work good,, i try to add
        ini_set('display_errors', 0);

    on default.php and warning not show again :)
    my problem solved, thank you very much piero..

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