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Complete Greek language pack for Flatpress 1.0.3
  • Complete Greek language pack for Flatpress 1.0.3.

    Last revision: 08/03/2016
  • cool! sorry if I hadn't been time to check the pull request, I'm pretty busy these days, and I could not just merge it!
  • Don't worry mate, it's ok!! I noticed that i had to replace some not-translatable files from the default theme (admin.tpl, entry-default.tpl, static.tpl etc), so it's not possible to merge without messing the English. It's better to use a separate package to install Greek language. If you have some time, please download the package to understand what i mean! :)
  • sure I know what I mean, that's why I could not just merge the request! The preferred way has been sharing the package on the wiki, I was thinking about creating a directory on for people to share language packs as well as plugins
  • I added the package to the wiki before posting it here...

    That's a great idea, all language packages and plugins will be concentrated (no more bad links and disappeared stuff) and available to everyone... +1 by me mate! ;)
  • Just finished an updated Greek translation, based on Flatpress 1.0.3.

    This translation is complete! Installer, plugins, interface, initial post, every little thing is translated into Greek.

    I couldn't upload the file on the wiki ("not enough rights to upload files"), so I hosted it on my own server.

    Enjoy! <3
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