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Error when want to publish entries
  • hello.. I want to ask, when I combined both my blogs into one and move a folder /fp-content/content at my new blog,  when I want to write a new entry I see warnings like this:

    : Could not acquire write lock on INDEX. Didn't I told
    you FlatPress is not designed for concurrency, already? ;) Don't worry:
    your entry has been saved as draft! in /home/cipb3/public_html/fp-includes/core/core.entry.php on line 90

    I've tried to restore index and delete cache but still the same, how do I handle it? :(
  • Hi, please make sure that fp-content/cache/bpt.lock does not exist.

  • Hi Piero, I'm sure to delete it, even I already to delete all the contents in the /cache/ folder, but still the same ;(
  • Hi, I'm sorry but I don't know what the problem could be.
    Please wait for @NoWhereMan ...
  • which browser are you using? I've seen that browsers such as Chrome try to aggressively cache related pages, which causes -- for instance -- the setup phase to lock even though no other user (beside you) is connected at the same time. This is because the assumption is that one user connects to one "administrative" page at a time.

    which version of PHP are you using? PHP4 is not supported anymore, and using it may cause strange behaviors, because of the way values are passed between functions

    1) Try and use a different browser
    2) if you are not sharing your FlatPress with other people, you can trick it into thinking that everything is alright with the "lock" thing, by editing file fp-includes/core/core.entry.php and by changing line 86 as follows:

                    function _lock_acquire($exclusive=true, $cat=0) {

    shall become

        function _lock_acquire($exclusive=true, $cat=0) { return true;
  • I've tried and the result is very good work, thank you all ;)
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