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fptwitter 0.1 released
  • Hi guys!

    Well, I would like to introduce my first flatpress plugin.
    I created a simple plugin that creates a widget which shows your latest tweets in the sidebar.

    You can download the plugin on my website, there is also a short description how you can do
    the configuration and get the Twitter API keys that are necessary for OAuth.

    Have fun!

  • if you happen to be interested in updating the Twitter plugin in extras feel free, and then send a pull request :)
  • I was able to install and setup this plugin, but unable to put it in my blog's sidebar.

    What am I add in the raw widget manager to have it appear? Does it use a widget parser?

    Thanks for letting me know more.
  • Okay, I was finally able to get it to work. I think it's a great plugin. 

    I'm going to fool around with it a bit and maybe share the way I customized it. 
  • Hi Marc!

    I hope that you got my email, I'm seldomly here in the forums but I got your message from my blog!

    It's good to hear that the plugin works and you like it :-)
  • Yes, it works great, thanks! I think it's a great plugin. I didnt seem to get your email though. No biggie, it's more convenient to communicate here.

    Feel free to take a look at the subtle style customization I made:

    See ya!

  • Oh yeah, this style is pretty awesome!
    Can you post your changes somewhere?

  • Sure. I basically added padding, a tweet icon and made the dates smaller. 

    First, in order to rename the widget, I modified the line 29 of plugin.fptwitter.php as follows:
    $widget['subject'] = 'Latest Tweets';

    I added the following properties in my style's CSS file. 

    background: url(../imgs/social/28-tweets.png) no-repeat;

    font-size: 0.7em;

    Here's the Tweet icon I used, as well as a preview of what it should look like with a dark Flatpress theme such as Deckay. My tweet icon is located in my style's img folder, but I suppose it would make sense to have it in your plugin's folder, if you were to include it with the plugin for instance. 


  • Hi Marc!

    Thank you very much, this is really cool and I think I will also change my style.
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