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  • Hi just getting started with FP and have a few questions that would help me get going. Im using the Inove theme as its closest to what I need and want to adapt just a few thing?

    1) What would be the 'correct way' to swap the Title & Sub-Title text for a graphic instead?

    I can see in the theme directory the .tpl files and I can edit out as follows;

    <!-- <h1><a href="{$smarty.const.BLOG_BASEURL}">{$flatpress.title}</a></h1>
    <p class="subtitle">{$flatpress.subtitle}</p> -->[code]

    and replace with

    [code]<img src="/fp/fp-interface/themes/inove/imgs/logo.png">[code]

    which is pretty ugly and am fairly sure there will be a much better way :)

    2) In the body of a static page I would like to make the text fully-justified rather than left aligned - how to do this?
    3) Easiest way to show todays date somewhere on first page

    Thats all for now [am sure there will be other lol!]

  • 2) I editted in the theme res directory style.css

    #body-container {   
    text-align: justify;
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