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Displaying comments on same page as entry
  • Is there any simple way to make the comments display on the same page as a single entry, rather than making people click on the "[n] comments" link to get to them? I looked in some of the templates but couldn't figure it out.
  • sure. do not use the {$id|tag:comment_link} in your template, but only {$id|tag:post_link} and you're done...
  • I think I'm missing something. In entry-default.tpl, the post title line already says
    <a href="{$id|link:post_link}">

    And what that leads to is a page that shows the entry but not the comments. What I'm after is when someone clicks the line above--the post title--they would get a page that would show the full entry and all comments.

    EDIT: I did the opposite, used "comments_link" instead of "post_link" and it seems to give me what I'm looking for.
  • yes sorry, I meant the opposite :D
  • I tried the above change to make the comments appear after the main entry, when someone clicks on the post title, worked great.

    Would it be possible to also make this work when someone clicks the "readmore" link? That still needs to change for me. I'm using FlatPress version 0.909.1 and Dekay40 theme.

    Thanks! (Note: I'm a stumbling newbie.)
  • If you dont use PrettyURLs:
    You have to edit the plugin.readmore.php.
    it should be enough to add some strings...

    If you dont use PrettyURLs:
    Navigate to line 57, 65 and 74 and add ";comments:1" behind the get_permalink() funktion.
    Result should look like this:
    get_permalink($id).";comments:1#readmore-{$id}\">[Read More...]</a></span>";

    If you use PrettyURLs:
    Same as above but add "comments/"
    Result should look like this:
    get_permalink($id)."comments/#readmore-{$id}\">[Read More...]</a></span>";

    I didnt test this, but should works!

    HTH Chris
  • Thanks so much for your help, worked great. (not using PrettyURLs)

  • get_comments_link ($id)."#readmore-{$id}\">[Read More...]</a></span>";

  • Got it, thank you.
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