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New Plugin: Flayr Player for FlatPress
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    Edit 2017-08-12:

    Since Flash is, well, almost obsolete, I created the FlatPress plugin "Audio and video player" which uses HTML standards instead of Flash. I highly recommend to use the new plugin for playing media files in FlatPress.

    Hi FP community,

    for serving MP4 videos on my website, I use the (discontinued, but well-working) free Flash-based video player Flayr. It plays a bunch of different video formats including FLV, F4V, and MP4 (including H.264).
    My plugin "Flayr Player for FlatPress" adds Flayr to FlatPress 1.0.

    See the plugin working on my FlatPress site

    To get the plugin and its documentation, visit my software site
    I tested the plugin just for myself and would therefore appreciate comments and bug reports.


    Edit: Updated the download & documentation link after rehosting my software site.
  • Thank you for your plugin.
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