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Bobu's Notepad theme plus the Tinyflash player in the menu
  • I got nagged into doing a new blog for my son's works of art (!) so we looked through the themes and used Bobu's Notepad which I've tweaked a bit and added the tiny flash player into the menu itself. This is hidden in the column version of the menu widget by adding a class to the menu item - one which is hard coded in the output which is returned in the player plugin file, and the other in the menu itself.

     Take a look: (please use almost anything except IE and its clones to see the MP3 player!)

    The options in the menu look like this:

    [*]<div class="audio">GO "VISION ON" STYLE &rarr;&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>

    and in this theme's column.css file I just added this to the end:


    Unfortunately this flash player doesn't work in SOME versions of Internet Explorer (a known problem with this plugin), so I'd like to find out why and either fix that or else hide it from IE.

    Any ideas folks?

    Edit: I found that it DID work in some versions of IE after I posted this!

    I've uploaded my copy to the wiki, now that I've found it and got it working - there were a couple of errors in the code with the version I managed to find.

    No need to make any special changes - just upload the plugin, enable it, and upload your mp3 files into your fp-content/attachs folder.

    You'll also see that there's a fixed background image in the column, and the menu & categories are fixed in place too. I wanted to keep it simple so I don't intend adding anything else there.

    If there are any Brits out there, over a certain age, then go ahead and click that play button :D

    The music is from the "Gallery" segment of "Vision On" which was British TV show for deaf children. I think the show was shown in a lot of different countries so it might be familiar to a few more people here too.

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