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Contact form not working :(
  • The contact form does not work. Can anyone help me. Thanks.
  • Do you get any error message?
  • No it says the message has been sent. But it is never recived.
  • Running on a web server or locally, e.g. on Wamp?
  • on web server php
  • the site is hosted for me thru X10 HOSTING premium.
  • I think it's likely to be an X10 issue so you should ask on their forum. There seem to be a few people with similar problems over there.

  • Ok thanks for your help :)
  • one last thing i deleted contact.php? as i really do not need the contact form anyway as i have the comments on articles if someone wants to ask something. It will not effect anything will it?. Will it only delete the contact form as i do not need it. As i have already removed contact from the menu listing. 
  • No, that should be ok.

  • For my 2 websites (on Aruba) contact.php doesn't work. If someone try to send me an email, this doesn't arrive. Why ?? What I've to check ? Thanks

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; 

  • Hi, have you checked in your spam folder?
    What about mail function?
  • yes, there is nothing in spam folder. O tried to send me an email from, page  says that email has been sent, but I've not received any. The problem is also on (always with flatpress)
  • Hi, utils_mail handles the failure so it is very strange...
    Have you checked if you have limits on mail usage?
  • Yes, there is not limit on mail usage!!
  • I've checked the problem. If I insert any email, it arrives. If I put or it doesn't arrive. If I send an email to these email from any other account, they arrived. The problem, could be that if there is (info) before @, it doesn't arrive.  Or better because it arrives from server (  and contact.php could doesn't know well this server. Which could be the problem, the first or the second ??
  • Hi, I've had errors in past related to auto-emails, with other providers, too.
    I think that some servers don't send mail to the address of the sender...
  • I manage another website made with Drupal, always on the same server where are and (made with flatpress).....and in chocolatespreads there is not problem to send the email in 
    So using the same server, why with Dupral email is sent and in flatpress not ??
    Surely contact page in flatpress has something of wrong or has a bug otherwise there is not an explanation.
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