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Plugins missing from the wiki
  • Personal websites come and go but the wiki will be here for a long time and exists for us all to archive a copy of our plugins for the benefit of future generations of FlatPress users.

    There are a number of plugins on the wiki which are no longer available because the user only provided a link to an external file and, in some cases, instructions on how to use the plugin. Linking to your own site is fine but we should all give something back to FlatPress by doing our bit by maintaining the wiki as a permanent archive of plugins, themes, and other useful information.

    If you've created a plugin or a theme please spare a few minutes to add a copy to the wiki, together with a few basic instructions.

    The same applies if you discover that someone else's plugin is missing (Hubert's plugins are a good example) but you have a copy then please could you do the FP community a favour and upload it to the wiki.

    Here's an example of one which was discovered to be missing, but which someone had a copy of. I flagged the original user's link as outdated and added a copy of the plugin which was found to the wiki archive:

    If you've never edited the wiki before you'll need to register there first, then look at the above example to see how it's done. While you're editing it's easy to upload a file (click on the "picture" button to upload an image or other type of file, choose or create a namespace [folder] to upload it to, then click on the uploaded file to insert it into the part of the wiki you're currently working in).

    It takes a little bit of getting used to but whatever you personally get out of FlatPress is worth a little bit of time and effort in helping others to use and build on your own ideas. 

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