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User themes
  • I’ve created a coloring book for Going there and clicking on the image icon, you can try it.
    Here’s how did I do it. The coloring book is a static page with some PHP code (by [exec]) to list available themes and styles, and to call a tiny script that send the cookies out. Now, I’ve added a check in core.theme.php, function theme_loadsettings, just after the global statement:

            else unset($fp_config['general']['style']);

    That’s all, and every user can see the site in their own skin and style.
  • that's a funny little feature. It's how the old worked.

    However, you can avoid modifying core.theme.php by adding your custom code to a plugin that hooks the 'init' event. 

    Have fun! :)
  • It's like the Mobile plugin, too.
    However be careful with this function when you save configurations of your blog, otherwise the theme you've selected with cookies will be saved as default :-)
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