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vticker-powered auto-scrolling lastentries plugin for Flatpress
  • Hello everyone.

    I've just been playing around with the lastentries plugin and seem to have got this auto-scrolling (ticker) version to work. I had one working on another blog but it REALLY wreaked havoc with the widget panel, so I've been looking around for something better and I think this is it. 

    It uses jQuery and it's largely untested so please be my guest and try it out before I add it to the wiki. I'm not sure how it will work if you're using mootools - if you're not sure about that then I recommend you wait until some feedback arrives from people who've tried it with that. If you experience any problems I'll try to help but my free time is extremely limited these days.

    n.b. You should disable the jsutils and lightbox plugins and use Piero's jquery and lightbox2 plugins instead. These are included in the standard installation of the latest version of FlatPress.

    You can see it working and download it here

    There are some options to control the speed and height of the scrolling area and so on in the vticker.js file in the plugin's res directory.

    You can also see vticker running with SimplePie here to display newsfeeds - this isn't an FP plugin though - it just shows a feed from an FP blog, but it should be possible to do one (I think there's a SimplePie plugin in the wiki which could be adapted to include vticker).

    Good luck!

  • Great Plugin, I love it :) I modified it a bit to show some Entry Thumbnails :)

    Thanks a lot!
  • Nice! Glad you like it.
  • What would be better to reduce the amount of server load? (it's not much but I would like to keep it small)

    Short pauses? Low speed? It seems that only the values of the vticker.js has an effect. Other speed / pause settings in the jquery.vticker-min.js seem to have no effect.

    Would more entrys in the plugin.lastentriesvticker.php affect the server load?
  • I really just hack things around until they work without giving "too" much thought to that, but as this is javascript which just gets loaded once then runs on the client side I don't think it makes any difference to the server load, whatever settings you use. I may be wrong but I don't think there's any chatter going back and forth to the server once the page is loaded.

  • Hi Stanley,

    at i noticed a very interesting integration - twitter. do you think this is way complex for the flatpress version? if not, could you please explain how - thanks.

    best regards
  • I just re-read the original article - you mean integrating his Tweet! plugin into vticker? May be possible I suppose, but I'm a bit too busy with other things to look at it too closely. I did see this standalone jQuery twitter widget which looks quite good, maybe that will do what you want?

  • looks good, thank you!
  • Nice plugin... Thanks! :)
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