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Theme Leggero: how to decrease the space between .....

  • version: FlatPress fp-1.0
    theme: Leggero

    i would like to apply a couple of changes to the theme:
    1. Arianna's story inside the reb box -> how to decrease the amount of space between the outer border of the red box to the text line .....
    2. how to decrease the space between the white box (body container ???) which contains header + content + ... and the html body .....


    many thanks indeed


  • customize the css you find in fp-content/themes/leggero/leggero/res/ fp-interface/themes/leggero/leggero/res/
  • Hello NoWhereMan,

    i suppose there was a little misspelling ...

    under "fp-content/themes..." directory i dont have "leggero" theme ... instead i think you refer to "fp-interface/themes/leggero/leggero/res"

    thanks, Vito
  • that's right. I've corrected my comment
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