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FlatPress saves English football club from extinction!
  • First time I've posted in the "Show Off" section, but I just thought that FlatPress deserves an honourable mention in an extraordinary tale of a small English league soccer team which went out of business today, at least that's what was supposed to happen. But the team (MY team) was brought back from the dead by sheer people power. A coordinated facebook and twitter campaign gripped the whole country and, amazingly, the supporters managed to get the decision to close the club down overturned - this was AFTER the Administrator had told the coach and players that that was it, he had no option but to liquidate the club.

    And just WHAT has this got to do with FlatPress?

    Well, the whole Twitter/Facebook campaign began after one fan saw the FP blog which I started to try and document the demise (and hopefully the resurrection) of the club, and a "Twibbon" campaign was launched which linked right back to my blog, and the choice of using FlatPress was a no-brainer as I know it so well and when the club got into trouble just a couple of weeks ago there were no sites like it - something quick and effective was needed and my FlatPress site was up and running in just a few minutes.

    I'd just like to explain a little about the blog - it uses a couple of nice features one of which is the scrolling last entries feature at the top. This works really well but I've still got a small problem to iron out before I can share that (it's a jQuery "version" issue, nothing major). It also uses a couple of "sticky post" positions where I've put blockparsers - on on the main page and another which follows the comment box on every post.

    The blog also uses the SEO plugin and this, I think, has helped our cause tremendously so I'd like to thank the people who worked so hard on that. Some posts are made by Live Writer using the remote posting plugin - though I ended up posting most stuff manually so I could enter all the SEO information there and then. I also cheated a bit and back-dated a couple of entries using the datechanger plugin, to make it look like I was keeping right up with the fast pace of events (which was impossible in reality). I also used the Extended Image plugin quite a bit too.

    You can see the facebook page here - I'm now also an admin for that so you'll see a lot of links there back to the FlatPress blog.

    Thanks to NWM and everyone who's spent time working on the plugins which have helped our cause.

  • neat! and congratulations for your success!
  • Thanks - a long way to go but looking promising.
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