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"Let it Snow" Plugin

  • The Let it Snow plugin adds some quite unnecessary fluff to your blog, but some people may like it.

    Get it from the Wiki

    It's an adaptation of the Headstuff Plugin.

  • Hi, I've enabled it in 2 my website and but there is a problem.
    If I enter on configuration I can see a lot of snowflakes, instead like normal user (without log in website) there are few snowflakes. If you connect on websites like normal user without log-in, you can see.
  • I can see you've set it to "blizzard" mode, i.e. 80 flakes, but I think the javascript will only allow that many flakes to appear on the page at any one time, and you have very long pages because of the long side bars. That's just my guess - I didn't write the javascript I just found it and bundled it into a plugin for my son's blog, but I don't notice any difference between the number of flakes when logged in or logged out. Did you mean there were more stars in, say, the admin panel where you would have shorter pages?

    The amount of snow falling on your sites looks fine to me.

  • Yes, exactly, if I'm on admin panel there are a lot of starts, instead without having done access, there are not so many stars from the up of website.
  • Resolved !! Like you said the problem was the length of the webpages, so on options I've fixed in 4 the total number of the articles. Now it's ok. Thanks.
  • Glad to help.
  • That's nice! I'll use it at Christmas! ;) Thanks!
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