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Dokucaptcha plugin
  • Hi.
    I've ported the dokuwiki's captcha plugin to flatpress.
    It includes four captcha modes: textual (like aaspam), javascript (textual + auto fill script), image and audio.
    In audio mode there is also a player made in flash.
    If you want download, go here.
    Thanks for the attention.
  • Hi Piero,

    I tried it and I can listen to the code ok, but I'm getting an error displaying the picture.

    Looking at the source code it's shown as "/?captcha=img&secret=818433921" so I tried adding this to the url to see what I got.

    The url reads http://[mysite]

    Entering this in my browser address bar returns the following message:

    "Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagettftext() in /www/[mysite]/htdocs/fp-plugins/dokucaptcha/inc/captcha.php on line 66"

    I also tried to enter the code which I listened to but when I tried to send the form I got the FP "Message could not be sent" notice up.

    Any ideas how to fix it? I suspect there may be some problem with 110mb sites - I can't see the image in the fpcaptcha plugin on that site either :(
  • I've forgotten to add the GD Check...
    Images in PHP are handled by GD Libraries, maybe your hoster haven't that.
    Does Thumb Plugin work or it triggers a warning in Plugin area of Admin Panel?
  • Sorry, double post...

    EDIT: imagettftext needs The Freetype Library but searching in the web I've discovered that this extension is disabled on 110mb
  • Thumbnails works ok (at least there was no error message when I enabled it).

    I'll upload a completely fresh install of FP there and try it on that.

    Edit: I uploaded a copy of FP 0.1010 and tried both your and my captcha plugins. Neither would show the image. Oh well.

    Here's the phpinfo() for my site at 110mb. Not sure if there's anything in there which will provide a clue?

    Edit2: (Just saw your edit) - According to this it sounds like they tried to install it but had a problem doing it, and just gave up. Pity.
  • I've seen that:
    '--enable-gd-native-ttf' '--with-ttf'
    maybe it's possible.
    However the could upgrade at least to PHP 5.2
  • I tried to join their forum to ask the question - but their registration page is broken. They appear to know about it but they sound too busy to fix it :(

    I also put in a support ticket (the only way I could see to contact them) to try and get them to manually register me on their forum but I'm still waiting for an answer :( :(

    If anyone here is a 110mb forum member perhaps they could ask them if the could try to enable gd-native-ttf, as shown above, or even try installing Freetype Library (again).

  • There was a small bug that broke HTML Validation (& instead of &).
    Now it's fixed.
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