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IIS and Flatpress 0.1010 Sotto Voce
  • Here some results from a quick test.

    Test area 1: Windows Server 2003 (32bit), IIS 6.0, PHP 5.3.3 and MS Fastcgi 1.5
    Test area 2: Windows Server 2008 (32bit), IIS 7.0, PHP 5.3.3 and Windows Server 2008 build in Fastcgi

    Quick test with:
    Setup, create category and entries, using PrettyUrls, search, Admin panel configuration, sorting widgets and few other things.

    On both servers, Flatpress 0.1010 Sotto Voce work fine. No errors or notices will came up. I will do more tests on this servers, if I have time for that.

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