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My Plugins
  • Hi, I've written some plugins. Sorry for my English but my first language is Italian.
    Here's the list:
    Auto Readmore - it chops automatically a long entry
    Backup (sorry, Italian only) - it allows to download via HTTP a backup of fp-content in a zip file. To get it you must login then go to http://mysite/fp/index.php?backup=get
    Open Search - with it you can add to your browser's search engine your blog
    Tab Menu - it's a non-intrusive way to make a menu with a static page. It adds the class "sel" to your element if it's the link to the page where you are (see in the site for further information)
    Post Redirector (sorry, Italian only) - it redirect to a post after you have edited or added
    Anti Brute Force (sorry, page in Italian only) - it blocks login page attacks in brute force style
    Internal URLs - it allows you to use a particular bbcode tag (iurl) to make internal links. See the plugin page for further information.
    Redirect - it's a plugin that allow you to have a link similiar to static pages for an entry. See the plugin page for further information.
    Tag - it adds a tag system to flatpress.
    Rewrite URLs - it's a replacement of PrettyURLs
    Emotes Editor - a configurable plugin that allows to show emoticons in the editor, so you haven't to remember all emoticons codes
    Comments always visible - a plugin to make comments always visible on FP
    Favicon 2.0 - a modified version of the plugin bundled with Flatpress that adds a GUI in the Admin Panel for selecting the favicon.
  • Hey,

    what a cool list of plugins. It will take days of work to try them all ;)

    Allow me to ask a question: Is there any FAQ or project-page for the tags-plugin ? I miss a read-me on how to use it... Maybe you could give me/us some words on how to use this plugin.

    Thanks for your great support to Flatpress...

    Regards from Germany,

    EDIT: OK, i found a new widget to place into the sidebar... ;) So, the only question remaining is: "What it the syntax to "tag" my postings, even with more than one tagwords" ? thx and bye, Martin
  • cool, i got it up and working now. Just one more question, please: What is the code i have to write in my template for an output of the tags related to a posting.
  • {if $tags}Tag: {$tags|@tagplugin_list}{/if}
    in plugin.tag.php there is the constant PLUGIN_TAG_BL (true by default).
    If you show tags in your template, I suggest you to set it at false because when it's true the plugin print at the end of the entry the tags.
    define('PLUGIN_TAG_BL', false);
  • Done, and works fine. Thank you, pierovdfn !!
  • this would be the german language-file ( for the Tag-Plugin. Feel free to add it into your plugin. Please get it from:

    If it is interesting for you, i could translate all your other plugins into german, too.

  • If you want, do it.
    I'll add immediately the localization at the archive and I'll add your link.
  • I´ve translated the first plugins. Please download the language-files here:

    Fell free to use them.
  • Very thank you!
    I've never thought that I would have an international localization of my plugins!
  • Flatpress and all the community-plugins are worth the work, so it´s a pleasure to be a part of it.

    Just a question/hint about the tag-plugin:

    If i re-edit a post (just the text, not the tags) that has already been tagged, i get an error-message like that:


    Notice: Undefined property: plugin_tag_db::$files in /www/htdocs/ on line 36

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/ in /www/htdocs/ on line 273


    If i edit the tags too, the error-message doesn´t appear.

    Anyway, the error can be ignored, because the post is saved correctly - maybe only some cosmetics have to be done...

    Regards, Martin
  • Notice: Undefined property: plugin_tag_db::$files in /www/htdocs/ on line 36

    Thanks for the report. I haven't this error (maybe my NOTICE errors aren't shown).
    However just edit as so the line 36: (with the @)

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/ in /www/htdocs/ on line 273

    This is because of the first error. When the first error will be solved, the second will be, too!
  • works as it should now. Thank you !
  • "There isn't any tag." shows only on my home page (blog root address) although the tag cloud seems to work perfectly otherwise.

    Any idea why that would be?

    Nice plugin, btw, I tried your rewrite URLs and always show comments plugins too. Thanks!
  • Any idea why that would be?

    Try to clean the cache of templates
  • Try to clean the cache of templates

    Thanks - it seems to be ok now.
  • Piero,

    when I use the rewriteurls plugin and I later edit an entry, it will often append "-2" to the cleaned url, but if I rebuild the index (as I sometimes do) then this goes away again.

    Is there anyway to make it stop adding the "-2" on the end. For instance my page here was originally shown (and is currently reachable) as but when I edit that entry the url becomes which, right after my edit, works ok (but the original one goes to an error page) but when I rebuild the index that url no longer works and it goes back to the original one.

    Any ideas on why it does that, and how to fix it? It sounds like it already finds an entry with that url so it adds the -2, then rebuilding the index deletes the duplicate url.
  • There shouldn't be this bug, infact for every post a txt file is created for don't having these problems.
    I must see if it's a bug...
  • bump? It's still happening.
  • Hi, I thought a lot about Rewrite URLs Plugin in these days, but I haven't much time to make a new version because I'm working on another project.
    I'll try to make a new version soon.

    EDIT: Accidentally I've found the error!!
    Line 119:
    if(file_exists(entry_dir($id).'rewriteurls.txt')) {

    must be changed to:

    if(file_exists(entry_dir($id).'/rewriteurls.txt')) {

    This because entry_dir function doesn't add the trailing slash as all other Flatpress functions, infact if you go to line 110 there's a /.
  • Great, thanks. I'll give it a try.

    Edit - unfortunately that seems to stop the url re-writing completely for me. You did mean line 109, not 119, right?
  • Sorry, there was another mistake: in line 110 there was $this->cache[$list]=io_read_file etc, but it's $this->cache[$list][$date['d']]=...
    I tried to clean cache and now it works...
    Sorry again!
    However I've corrected also in my blog, so if you want you can download also the updated version from here because at the end of the function I've commented return $this->saveCache();
    and the new one is:
    return true;
  • Woo Hoo! Many thanks Piero - seems to be working ok now. :)

    btw, the link to the plugin in your original post above now gives a 404 error ( I found the updated download link here >>
  • The link is correct :)

    However it wasn't plugin's fault but it was mine: there weren't the redirect plugin_rewriteurls.html, now yes :)
  • There is another error however.
    When you edit an entry id adds -2.
    I'll correct the bug soon, I hope.
  • I've update RewriteURLs, download from here!
  • Thanks Piero - I finally got around to trying this. The first time I edited a page it looked ok (no "-2" on the end) but I got a page not found error so I flushed the FP cache and the page came back. Then I edited it a few more times (without flushing the cache or anything special) and it seems to be working just fine now.
  • I've added another plugin to the family!
    Titles Plugin allow to customize the html title tag, that doesn't change by default in categories and in the archives. If you change title google is happier ;)
  • Piero, I think there might be a little bug in rewriteurls. The categories don't seem to work on the contact.php page (they're missing "index.php" from the url).

    See here.

    They work ok on the main blog page.

    Or maybe there is something else going on there, because I noticed on your own blog that categories work just fine without "index.php" in the url.

    Can you help?

  • Hi, you have to enable the rewrite mod and configure the rules for the blog, like PrettyURLs does.
    If you have already done it (but this is not the case, as I've seen) but you still get links with index.php, open plugin.rewriteurls.php and set the REWRITEURLS_MODE to 0.
  • Great, that fixed it. Thanks Piero!
  • I've updated the Redirect Plugin.
    Now it's possibile to make also HTTP redirect (so, actual redirects) and to handle also static pages link as redirects (if there isn't a page with the same name). However the lastest feature is disabled by default.
    If you found bugs, please contact me here or in my blog.
  • When enabling Tag plugin, I get a timeout after 30 seconds. I believe it is doing something with existing entries. The problem is that I’m migrating my six years old blog with near 3000 entries into FlatPress…
    Piero, can you make any workaround to fix that? I would like to have tags. At least, can you show me a place to put a set_time_limit() call at, to make it run for the first time?
    Thank you in advance.
  • Hi, you are right.

    At line 58 on plugin.tag.php it checks if there is the PLUGIN_TAG_DIR, that, in most of cases, is fp-content/plugin_tag/
    It check it because when the tags index is corrupted you just have to remove the directory and then the plugin will make a new index. The index is needed to show all entries that have the same tag.
    So you can make this directory manually before activating the plugin, but you will have to go to all entries and click on save, if you want to update the index.
    Please go also to line 64 of fp-plugins/tag/inc/admin.php and put a comment (// or #, as you want) because by default when you purge the cache it also cleans the tags index, but if you have a lot of entries, this is not the case.

    Maybe I'll add in the next version a constant to disable without touching a lot of things.
  • :) Thank you. This solved the problem and now I can give tags to my entries. I like it.
  • Updated Tag Plugin and RewriteURLs Plugin.
  • Dear Piero, thank you for the new Tag and for implementing my article counter. I’ve copied it on my server and copied the tag files together, but something I did wrong. Clicking on a tag returns an article bearing the tag, not the list of such articles.
    Additionally, if a tag is given to only one article, no counter appears, just an empty pair of parentheses.
  • Hi, have you tried to remove (or rename) the directory of the old version and upload a brand new version of the plugin?
    The empty parentheses are because I think you aren't using the English localization (or the Italian one). In fact I've added the localization for "One entry" but I don't know German and the user that translated my plugins now uses wordpress. So I had to remove this lang.

    For the list.. Did you use uper-case tags? Because I've corrected the bug that didn't allow to use the plugin on case insensitive file systems (like the Windows ones) so if you had for example an entry with the tag "Plugin" you have to clean the cache of the plugin or save again the entry.
  • Thank you, Piero. I believe the problem had healed now.
  • I use most of these plugins and they work great! :)
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