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Flatpress integration with an existing site
  • The Say No To GMOs! site has been up for about 10 years. Every year, I change the look of the site and each year's archives retain that look. I have just completed the 2011 look for the site which will be using Flatpress for the monthly updates for the year. If FP works out (can handle the traffic), I will use a fresh install for each subsequent year after that. You can see the 2011 test page for the core HTML pages of the site and FP integration for the news updates here. You'll notice that I've got pierovdfn's plugin to call the latest FP entries working on the HTML page.

    FP is really quite easy to skin which is one reason I am now using it on two sites. :)
  • With the new year, the new design using FlatPress for updates is now live!

    And I'm using a new install of FP for 2011 on this site too:

    Note that I have replaced the Search function plugin with Google which is much better. I'm also using pierovdfn's very cool lastentriesjs on the index page. Thanks also to Stanley for helping me add static pages to the archives plugin. And last but not least, nowhereman for this great little script!!

    The GMOs site will really test how much traffic FP can handle. Fingers crossed . . .
  • Quote golinux Oct 2010:-  FP is really quite easy to skin which is one reason I am now using it on two sites. 

    Having been there and done that,  could you provide a short tutorial on how you progressed the skinning of the Flatpress! 
  • All the templates and css are found in /fp-interface/themes/leggero/

    I basically imported the html/css from the existing theme that I wanted to integrate.  In some cases that required using the Flatpress classes and ids rather than the original designations and adding a few new ones.   You might also need to tweak a plugin or two.
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