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Issue Categories and edit post
  • Hi,
    I upgraded to new version FlatPress 0.1010 RC and:

    If I edit the post, the check box of categories is not signed.
    If I see the post after edit, the categories are shown correctly.

  • I can't confirm this one, can anybody else?
  • I still have the old version on the same server and it works .. does not happen to you?
  • nay. I'm using the SVN version on my personal website and looks like it's working
  • Sorry, there is no problem ... I cleared the cache of my browser (Chrome and Firefox) and everything works fine.
    Congratulations for the new version of FlatPress and sorry again.

    PS: a real problem but concerns TinyMCE plugin is to change the color of text using Google Chrome ... but it is a problem with the browser!

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