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Please help.
  • unfortunately nobody here is responsible for what purpose FlatPress is being used.

    As the main creator of FlatPress, while I'm very disappointed to hear such a thing, my only suggestion can be to either try and contact the owner of this website and kindly ask to pull down the pictures;

    if there is no obvious way to contact him, there is always a /contact.php page you can try to reach; I have some doubts it would work.

    you can also try to whois (e.g. ) his/her domain to know who's the owner (usually there is an email filed). You can also contact his/her web host and demand to pull down the images on behalf of the owner, or demand to shut the site down, if he/she is violating their TOS.

    If everything else fails, you have the right to take legal action.

    I hope this helps.
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