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  • As you can probably see for yourself, the importer is still not working as it should, since posts with accents are being truncated. I'll see if there is a solution

    I'll just switch back in case there isn't.

    update 19/10/2010 Old Forum archives are here
  • Woo Hoo!!

    For anyone reading this I had a little trouble logging in for a while but NWM leapt into action and fixed it.

    DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE LOGIN BOX - seems you can login with EITHER your registered email address OR your username, as before. For some reason the login box submit button on my old system (Opera 10.something on XP Pro SP2) APPEARS not to do anything, so the login box stays up on the screen. But refreshing the page showed that I was logged in.

    (Edit - but the submit button works perfectly well on my new computer which has the latest version of Opera and XP Pro SP3 - but my old computer is a bit temperamental)

    Hope this helps anyone who is out there standing in the pouring rain wondering how to get in.

    HTML in comments has gone and so has the link to the latest post in a discussion (boo!) but I'm looking forward to seeing what Vanilla 2 is really like.
  • Hi, after one minute of panic i have realize: this is the new version... Ok, good job, it is nice ;-)
  • html works actually quite fine
  • just testing to see just how much html it can handle.


    Hmmm... that's pretty cool! Who needs buttons?
  • pretty much all of what can be considered safe html; there are probably addons for the buttons, anyway.
  • ok, my old host "can't" give me the SQL dump of the old DB and because of their security settings I can't dump it myself ARRGH, so now what I have is the f***ing vanilla-export tool dump which can only be imported into Vanilla 2 and which anyway DOES NOT WORK

  • I have managed to restore the old forums at
  • Is there any possibility of adding the quote selection add on to the forum?
  • I quote Stanley :D
  • pierovdfn said: I quote Stanley :D

    and I'm quoting piero. have fun ;)

    (select some text to make the [quote] button appear)
  • NoWhereMan said: (select some text to make the [quote] button appear)

    heh! cool! Thanks.
  • All of a sudden, I'm having difficulty staying logged in. Several times today, the Flatpress cookie has disappeared even though I have told FF to save it. What's up with that? I've been logged in for months without a problem then BAM! Bye-bye cookie. Haven't upgraded anything with my browser or OS recently so don't think it's on my end.
  • it might still be a problem with cookies in your browser; I'd suggest to clear the cache (or try with another browser altogether, to isolate the problem)
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