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Prepress Helper: my new blog using Deckay 4
  • Recently launched my new blog: Prepress Helper

    It is mainly aimed at U.S.A. graphic designers involved with print work. FlatPress was very easy to set up and get things running; I used a slightly modified version of Deckay 4.0 template (just added my photo).

    I plan to make a few small changes and additions to make things better. Any suggestions or bug reports are most welcome. Thanks!
  • Looks great! Someone was playing about with Deckay 4.0 recently to make it wider - you may want to look and see what they did if you need a bit more room.

    Only thing which you might like to do is use the same trick I use to tidy up your email address on your contact page.

    Instead of [info at rgbcmyk dot net] you could use the following - it'll read correctly when someone views the page but a robot will grab the address backwards, like it is below:

    <bdo dir="rtl">ten.kymcbgr@ofni</bdo>

    Good luck with your site.
  • Thanks for taking the time, Stanley, excellent tips. I just did the email one, worked great.
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