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import old blog
  • Hi all.

    My old blog was based on dblog cms. I'm moving to flatpress because I want to be databaseless and because is very light and nice. In dblog posts are in html inside .txt files. I tried to put this files inside the right place in fp-content, I edited these files adding a line like: "VERSION|fp-0.909.1|SUBJECT|my subject|CONTENT|my content" and everything works after rebuilding the index. The hardest job is to edit every files adding the right informations.

    The problem is in tag as must be transformed in: , putting image.gif inside fp-content/images ... right? I tried it and works. Is it the right way to use img links in html?

    I wanto to migrate my old posts in a way such upgrade of flatpress will works in the future.

  • your links can point to whatever path you prefer, so if you want to put your images to /public/ just do it ;)

    (if you want to use bbcode and the [img=images/myimage] to be translated into just change IMAGES_DIR accordingly in defaults.php)

  • that's right ... I can use a public dir for old posts ... a stupid solution :-)

    I prefer to not chage IMAGES_DIR, in this way news post will be in standard form.

    thank you
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