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  • I would like to make the backgroundpicture in the header variavel in size, hereĀ“s part of my code:
    #header {
    text-align: left;
    margin: 0 auto;
    width: 92%;
    background: transparent url('../imgs/banner.gif') no-repeat center top;}

    When I put the option 70 % or scale=70% in "background" it fails.
    Is there any other option to make the background variable, or is this fixed together with the header box ?
    Best regards

    Carsten Hammer
  • Without using CSS3 which you may as well forget the background-size property for a couple of years, until more browsers support it, or resorting to whatever javascript there might be out there to do this, maybe this will point you in the right direction?

    I had a similar problem with a full page background not so long ago, but I went back to just using a fixed size background. I might just try this.

    This is just for a full page background though. You could use a table, like they suggest in these alternative suggestions I ran across.
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