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  • I apologize but there appear to be a few similar threads in here, and I can't seem to find the old Request threads.

    Anyway, would you consider adding in a simple [hr] tag for horizontal rule? Please? I use this fairly often in some of my posts - or would.

    Also I had a thought, there is no [img] button in FP, but I wondered if there is/waas/could be somethign along these lines, for a future release? (I realize this can be done in a punch using CSS and [HTML] tags.


    I tend to like to start my posts out with a picture, and then have text wrap to the right of it, but not only FP, but most other flatfile and even non-flatfile blogs/CMS don't do this well, usually text won't match up to the top of the image on the right, even if I use the proper "align" tag, without using .

    I have to use the following code workaround:


    Sample text wrapping to the right and top of the picture.


    Anyway, sorry if this was in the wrong place, maybe should have been in bugs or general? But I still love FP! Thanks!
  • 1) do not use the (ugly) [html] tags, enable inline html instead, so you can slap a right in your post
    2) is deprecated, use or
  • I did not realize html could be "inline" - I will look into "enabling" it.

    So the actual simple HTML tag itself is deprecated in favor of an inline CSS styling? How strange.

    Well, thank you very much for your replies, I appreciate it, and hope for the best for Flat Press!
  • I can't figure out how to "enable inline HTML". Ok, I did, having to edit the bbcode file and set HTML escape to false. That seems... kind of unwieldly, especially for any newbie web people setting up FP. The wiki says new version of FP has a control panel to enable inline code, but that is not the case, at least not in this version I'm using, which I just downloaded and installed - at least it isn't in Plugins.
  • In the latest release (v0.909) it's under the BBCode sub-menu item you'll see when you select "Plugins" in the admin area.

    You can check which version you have by going to "Maintain" in the admin area and clicking on "Check for updates"


    Posted By: jpneokwhich I just downloaded and installed

    Sorry I just re-read your post - you should have the latest version installed so the option should be where I said
  • I upgraded my FP blog by copying the files from my hard drive to avoid overwriting Content, and the version was the new one, but I recopied files and it worked, so I just missed some or they didn't overwrite them or something. My mistake, the BB plugin config plugin is there now. Thanks.
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