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  • Wheeeeepeeeee.

    You long for it, you got it (at last!)

    English is the language of choice, but you can try to explain your problem in your language, if you really can't, and we'll do our best.

    In this case, please tag the discussion topic with a [label] (e.g. [ita] Come si crea un post ? )

    But remember we can't know every language, so we might not be able to help you if you don't speak a language we can understand.

    I can talk English, Italian, I understand French and I should be able to understand other Romance languages (lingue neolatine).

    I don't know German, I don't know Russian and I don't know Turkish, Arabian, and I don't know any Asian language (even though I studied Japanese for a while).

    I'll hope you'll enjoy your time here :)
  • Ciao a tutti,
    sono ancora alle nuove armi e volevo sapere come si installa flatpress. Vi spiego,mio fratello ha creato un sito (blog) con flatpress tempo fa e ora devo occuparmene io.
    avendo la sua password e l'username,riesco a fare solo qualche modifiche direttamente sul sito,ma come fare delle modifiche strutturali?
    non riesco a capire come si fa ad impostare con ftp flatpress perche mi da sempre username non valido quando cerco procedere via ftp.
    grazie mille
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