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    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2009 edited
    EDIT 2 - I think I am stupid - please ignore this post!

    I installed the TinyMCE plugin, which was great - then I figured out how to get my blog to work with Live Writer and ScribeFire, which was even better. So I disabled the TinyMCE plugin in the Admin panel - but the BBCode toolbar never re-appeared on the entry screen.

    I've checked the default FP copy of plugin.bbcode.php against the one which is contained in the TMCE all-in-one package, and undone the changes which I thought would get this to work - but no.

    Specifically the following lines seem to be different:

    TinyMCE Modified version:
    define('BBCODE_ESCAPE_HTML', false);
    define('BBCODE_ENABLE_COMMENTS', true);
    define('BBCODE_USE_EDITOR', false);

    I've changed the above back to the FlatPress original version:

    define('BBCODE_ESCAPE_HTML', true);
    define('BBCODE_ENABLE_COMMENTS', false);
    define('BBCODE_USE_EDITOR', true);

    Am I doing something wrong. The other thing is I know I need BBCODE_ESCAPE_HTML set to false in order for Remote Posting to work properly, so I'm hoping that's not why I can't see the toolbar (as I want to change it back again).

    I know the TinyMCE all-in-one zip file overwrites the entire BBCode plugin folder. Does anyone know what else it changes, which might have caused this?

    Edit 1: I checked the files in my current bbcode plugin folder against the one provided with FlatPress, and that looks like the only changed file.