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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2008 edited
    Here's a little how-to for posting on the forum.

    1. Before writing a post search for your problem on the forum itself (all the forum, using this page...), on the wiki or on the entire site... Maybe just yesterday someone else asked for the same thing, and maybe your "bug" has just been solved... :D

    Submitting a bug (or the thing you think is a bug!)...

    1. Do not try to modify "important" files, such as core, or includes, or system file (remember: if it works don't fix it)

    2. If you didn't followed 1), (also please tell why you did this :) ) try to restore the files as they were before your edit!

    3. Before submitting your problem on the forum, try again to solve it locally... Clean the cache, templates... Everything!

    4. If, unfortunately, noone else had your problem before well... It's time to ask for it! But please, instead of saying just
      Hi everybody! I had this problem. Can someone help? Thanks!
      try to be as more exhaustive as you can, and report the files you modified (also reporting exactly the lines you modified is a good idea), what have you done, what was your intent, what symptoms the problem has and everything that can be used to understand (and solve) the problem/bug (this will make NWM very very happy, I swear!)

    5. If the answer takes too long to come, avoid writing something like
      Hello? Is there anybody out there?
      People have their jobs, their interests, their stuff to do... They're not always refreshing the page waiting for a new post/reply to come... Just wait a little bit more...

      And, while you're waiting, you can always try to solve the problem by yourselves... Maybe you'll find the solution (but pay attention not to make your problem worse!)

    6. After all these little "suggestions", every advice you can give to other people will be well-accepted...

      Knowledge is useful to knowledge!!!

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    Please, guys, search on the forums before submitting new posts with question answered a hundred times... :( :( :(

    By doing so the forum will stay "clean", with no redundant topics...