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    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2007
    ... another thing more or less problematically is, that there sometimes the parsing of a new built static site woudn't work - i did produce some bad errors! and In this cases the site wasn't build and i did get a very cryptical anouncment about that.
    And also a terrible thing followed: the entry was not able to be seen at the administration. so in this case i couldn't delete this /? buggy ?/ entry and it was not possible to work on - of course, i liked to make this little damned entry! ;-)
    So i had to delete this by going a workaround - using my ftp-prog. and do this there. no easy going for this. something like that i didn't recognized anytime while i'm using i. e. "wordpress".

    I wonder, if it can be, that the "engine" in the back should mean sometimes, there is to much code to work with, so it can't produce good sites from ...? well, in this example it didn't like to workout one Static Site with 1 external link, one mailto-link, and yes, really 2 attachs and also 2 pictures - yes, and this in only one article ...! I did try it several times, looking to find out, what especially the hidden fault might be, at least i did get it, but thats ugly work.

    And badly too, sometimes when i pressed the button "preview" or the button to save the entry, a unexpected errors happened and the whole work was canceled and on the screen the blog himself does appear. all work was away - in the garbage! ;-( Urgh!

    My Webspace's configuration works under: PHP Version 4.3.10-21
    If this should make some of the problems ...?

    What should i think about all this problems ...?
    Because i did this work for a friend, who doesn't have experience with blogging software and too, he is owning only a webspace without sql-database.
    i'd hope that flatpress will offer a simple and easy basic and also to give him a good piece of work, so he can use it easyly in the future, to manage his online-stuff by himself. but now i don't like to trust for that and there are thoughts like "should i look fo another software" ...?

    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2007 edited
    I hope you'll understand I'm very busy at the moment and I don't have time to investigate trying to reproduce the steps you're trying to list here. If you'll be so kind to mail me or paste here this buggy static page I'll try to have a look.

    moreover I can't understand form your words what "cryptical" means. Anyway there might be some issue with SESSIONS; SESSION is used to validate the data you post, but I've discovered it never lasts more than ~30 minutes (IIRC), so my suggestion is to save often and/or edit offline (use notepad for instance) and then paste-in the contents.

    I'll try to fix this one, but I can't now (it would mean MANY changes), sorry

    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2007
    i found out, that there was eventually the letter /sign "|", which could has been the problem into the text of the entry...?
    cause, when i deleted this, it did work well with saving the content.
    or the matter for some disfunction is, because i do work with a Mac?
    nothing should be impossible? ;-)

    i will try on to have a nice flatpress-blog and if any fault will happen again, i like to reproduce and tell better about the steps i'm trying to do and else.

    one question by the way: do you know, if there is any german language flatpress-forum around the web? i didn't found yet.

    thank you & good luck at all!
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2007
    is strange, as that character should be automatically escaped :/ I'll investigate and I'll let you know, only not very very soon