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    1.- i've read something about subversion. Is some kind of stable version of fp? i've downloaded crescendo 0.5 etc etc
    2.- appears an error when i try to coment a post---> Fatal error: String "entry080215-205422#comment080217-010554" is not a valid input in D:\Inetpub\webs\....mydomain.....\public\flatpress\fp-includes\core\core.utils.php on line 195
    3.- where should i go to change the language of "Menu,welcome home, links, last entries..." and in the same way..."posted on..., writen by.."
    4.- when i write loooong phrases without spaces between words, menu column is displaced...(widgets?¿) go down.. how can i fix the writting area only in the center...
    5.- At last, but not least.. i've registered a re-direction on when i acced through the re-direction, the admin area don't validate my login/password... but in the original server is ok.

    thaks a lot :)
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2008 edited
    1. No, it is the development version with which you can test my progress
    2. oh. my. which version? details on your hosting, which seems windows: apache, iis? funny though, never heard anything like that...
    3/a. Menu,welcome,... in the static page called menu; read more searching for blockparser here and on the wiki;
    3/b. posted on... written by...: edit your theme in fp-interface/themes/your-theme
    4. well, *use* spaces. or try adding .entry-content { overflow:auto; } to in fp-interface/themes/res/style.css
    5. yes, it means it works :D btw, for that open defaults.php and force define('BLOG_BASEURL', blabla) try it to make it look like define('BLOG_BASEURL', 'http://your-real-url/'); // your real url not the redirected one: trailing slash needed ;

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    in relation with your 2ºnd question the hosting carachteristics are these:
    if you want anithing more specific, ask and i trie to find it; the version i use of FP is flatpress-crescendo-0.703.6.2
    You know how can i solve this error?
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2008 edited
    here's how you could - err... - 'fix' it...

    open defaults.php and add this line

    if(@$_GET['entry'] && (false!==$v=strpos($_GET['entry'], '#'))) $_GET['entry'] = substr($_GET['entry'], 0, $v);

    if you have time I'd ask you to test SVN as well; btw this looks to me like an IIS bug

    (why do people insist on choosing aruba (duh!) with win (urk) hosting?)
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    hiz! i've pasted the line you said after define('BLOG_BASEURL', 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']. BLOG_ROOT);
    but seems that it don't woks...... well i'm so tired.. tomorrow i will try again , sorry
    humm Actually i'm doing test at the faculty.. are not the best days for doing other things... but when i can, i'll try
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2008 edited
    try also
    if(@$_GET['entry'] && (false!==$v=strpos($_GET['entry'], '#'))) $_GET['entry'] = substr($_GET['entry'], 0, $v-1);
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    hey man it works!!it's a f**ng shit don't know programming languaje but... ok, lots of thanks... i will continue with my configuration and other problems will appear. see you
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2008
    hmmm... then i suppose i should commit that crap to my lovely svn. iis damnit.