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    Hello, i'm trying the wordpress converter you kindly provided.
    I got the latest script from the wiki and ran it succesfully: it showed a lot of text and i copied the output in a .sql file.
    I then installed wordpress 2.8 following all the steps (altough 3.0 has just been released, the wiki states that the converter script has been tested for the 2.8).
    Via phpmyadmin, i choose my newly created wordpress database and tried to import the sql file, but an error occurs. Screenshot follows:

    Uploaded with

    I'm using latest flatpress and EasyPHP 5.3.2i.

    Could you please help me? :)
    Thank you!
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    anyone? :)
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    Ok, i succeded, in the end. The script works fine, but there's some more work needed on the generated output before importing. Here's the step by step guide:

    1. you should do the operation in a local testing environment (ie Easyphp, xammp, etc.). Very important: turn off all PHP errors and notices, else the output file won't be valid ("deprecated" messages and so on). To do this, open php.ini and set the "display_errors" option argument to "off".
    2. follow the installation wizard of wordpress 2.8 like you would do normally and check if it's working fine
    3. log into the panel and erase all the posts, comments and default categories that come with the default wordpress install, else the import will fail
    4. run the converter script by marcovega (you can find it in the wiki) in your flatpress directory. Copy all the output in a .txt file using a serious text editor (notepad++, scintilla, notepad2, etc.). We'll use this file in step 6.
    5. copy all your flatpress images (the images attached to your posts, you can find them in /fp-content/images) in a subdirectory of your choice in wordpress root directory (example: wp-content/fpimages)
    6. grab the text file of step 4. Use find-and-replace function to modify all the paths of the images in the new wp-content/fpimages path
    7. find and replace the tag "[more]" in "<!--more-->"
    8. find and replace "class=\"floatright\"" in "class=\"alignright\"". same thing for "floatleft"
    9. import this file in your wordpress db with phpmyadmin

    Everything should be fine. The converter did not keep the categories association, in my case. It's a price to pay.

    Someone should update the wiki. Is it open to free editing?
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2010
    You can edit the wiki, but before you have to register an account (free)